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At Haggin Oaks Golf Complex on Mackenzie’s 8th and 13th hole, we are passing out FREE Iced Towels for our golfers to cool off on hot summer days. Iced 4

Haggin Oaks desires for people to be cool out on the course. We are not necessarily talking about the best dressed or the best looking golfers but the best temperature cool. Sacramento summers are extremely warm. This last week alone, Sacramento has seen weather hit the upper 90’s and lower 100’s. Golfing in extremely hot weather can be a miserable experience.

At Haggin Oaks on the Mackenzie course, we have a whole station dedicated to making you cooler. Each morning we will pack wrapped towels into a iced filled cooler for out on the course. Between hole 9 and 13 there will be a little station where you will be greeted by friendly Haggin Oks employees passing out these wonderful FREE towels.

What is great about these towels is that the stand is placed right in the middle of the 18 hole course. Therefore, at the end of your first nine you can get a towel and then the middle of your back nine you can receive a towel. Also, if you tend to start play golf around the 10-11am time, typically it is not hot enough to need a nice cooling towel in the beginning of your round. However, by hole 8 and 13 you will be loving this FREE service.

Like we have said, we desire for Haggin Oak’s Golfers to be cool. We know that having people say that you look hot can be flattering but when it is 101 degrees outside they are referring to your actual temperature.

Just remember…stay cool…use an iced towel.

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