Staff Profile: Meet Special Orders Manager Rich Beeskau

Rich Beeskau has worked in the Shipping & Receiving department for the past 15 ½ years.

Rich Beeskau is currently the Shipping & Receiving  / Special Orders Manager.

Before coming to Morton Golf in 2008 he worked in Real Estate and was also Coaching the St. Francis High School Girls Softball team.

Rich has been an avid golfer since his junior high school days.  At that time he was playing football and baseball and his dad suggested he try another sport.  Once he tried golf he knew it was a sport he would do for the rest of his life.

Rich and his high school sweetheart have been together for the past 43 years.  They have 2 wonderful children together. His grown son is a Fireman in Rescue, CA and has 2 daughters that live only 1 mile away.  His daughter will be be getting married within the month and lives in the Las Vegas area.

Rich was kind enough to share with us that his Mother-in-Law lives in a care facilities near their home and he and his wife go to visit her every evening.

His entire day-to-day living consist of being with family and enjoying the time together.  Rich not only considers his at-home family special but he considers his at-work family the reason he comes to work every day.  How wonderful  is it to come to your place of employment and enjoy the people, the work and the surroundings as much as Rich does.

Thanks Rich for being a very special part of the Morton Golf Family at Haggin Oaks.

We look forward to seeing him on and off the course for many years to come.

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