Secret Santa Strikes Again at Haggin Oaks

There are many ways employees at Morton Golf like to make work fun and the yearly Secret Santa exchange really is a fun and treasured tradition.

Secret Santa Haggin Oaks Edition began in 2013 by our now Women’s and Junior Golf Apparel Buyer Heather Hadley. She’s behind a lot of fun games and traditions at the Shop, but this one takes the cake.

Secret Santa begins with a questionnaire sheet for all the participants. The picture below showcases everyone’s responses for this year. Prompts include, “My Favorite Snack is…” to “What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for 100 years?”  

Based on this sheet, everyone’s Secret Santas have their jobs cut out for them. Everyone picks a copy of the questionnaire from a bag and the games begin.

A key element that makes this Secret Santa game unique and super fun is the potential for DAILY secret treats. These treats can be anything… from a few favorite snacks to a collage of favorite people and things.

This year, some highlights included: meat, pickles, Christmas smells in a can, Secret emails, trivia clues and presents, Top Ramen… and more!

Take a look through some of the photos from the reveal day on December 21, 2018. The photos are either a compilation of all the gifts given throughout the 3 week period or given all in one go.

The best and worst from the past include:

  • A drawer full of 10-year-old expired banana flavored Twinkies
  • Chipotle themed gifts including a Mr. Potato Head dressed in a Chipotle wrapper
  • A daily note from 80’s/90’s characters like Steve Urkel and a little gift

Suffice it to say, we all can’t wait until next year’s Secret Santa fun!

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