Save on Srixon Golf Balls

SPECIAL OFFER from Srixon! Buy Two Q-Star for $40 or Buy Two Soft Feel for $30


Stock up on your favorite Srixon golf balls and take advantage of this limited time offer before it’s too late. Srixon Q-Star are only two for $40 or Soft Feel are 2 for $30.

Srixon_QStarThe Srixon Q-STAR Golf Balls are for golfers who demand premium performance in an all-ability golf ball. Engineered with tour ball technology, the Q-STAR delivers a superior combination of distance, accuracy, greenside spin and durability.

Features of Srixon Q-Star:

  • Second Generation SpinSkin – The new coating increases the frictional force at impact by 18% compared to the previous version resulting in even more greenside spin, control, and a softer feeling ball.
  • 324 Speed Dimple Pattern – Next generation Speed Dimple technology combines higher dimple uniformity and surface coverage to create a more aerodynamic design with less drag, resulting in longer distance and a truer ball flight in any wind condition.
  • Energetic Gradient Growth – Core Optimized to increase reaction of EGG Core for maximum performance. Generates greater ball speed and low spin on full shots.

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Srixon_SoftFeelSRIXON Soft Feel Golf Balls – This soft feeling distance ball is designed to launch high with low spin to create exceptional distance and control. The low compression design of this golf ball delivers a high Moment Of Inertia which lead to greater accuracy on off-center shots. Also featuring the visual performance of Pure White for greater visibility.

Features of Srixon Soft Feel:

  • Super Soft Core – Engineered with a highly resilient super soft, 71 compression core formulation, whilst superior new aerodynamics give golfers with moderate swing speeds exceptional distance and soft feel.
  • Alignment Aid – The Srixon Soft feel golf ball also boasts a unique “HIT STRAIGHT” alignment arrow, promotes target focus, ensures square set-up and greater accuracy on the green.
  • Improved Cover – The new improved soft feel 324 aero power dimple design delivers a penetrating trajectory with higher lift force, resulting in incredible carry and distance and superior stability. Now available in Pure White™ and Yellow for exceptional visual performance.

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