Sacramento’s Haggin Oaks Named As Top 100 Fitter For PING Golf

The team of Golf Professionals at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex strongly believes that TOTAL GAME FITTING will maximize your opportunity to play better golf. Our certified fitters are thoroughly trained by the manufacturers to deliver a personalized equipment fitting strategy to help you lower your score and increase your enjoyment of the game. In the field, our equipment fitters are reminded daily of the overwhelming benefits of having equipment that is properly fitted. To a qualified golf instructor/coach, they know they have to adjust your swing to match the clubs you use. If you use clubs that fit your swing, your swing is natural to you. If your clubs don’t fit, then your swing must make adjustments to compensate for the specifications that don’t fit you.

Haggin Oaks is nationally recognized as one of the leaders in club fitting. We are excited to be recognized as the PING Top 100 Fitter Club.

Be sure to visit the Player Performance Studio at Haggin Oak’s Golf Complex located at 3645 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821 to learn more about our golf fitting services. Call 916-808-2515 to schedule your golf fitting appointment.

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