Re-Gripping Special at Haggin Oaks

The Haggin Oaks Club Performance and Repair Center has teamed up with Golf Pride to provide an amazing Re-Gripping Special for a limited time on Golf Pride grips!


The easiest and fastest way to improve your golf game is to change your grips!

New grips can help reduce grip pressure.

Did you know that up to 70% of golfers have the wrong size grip? Come into the Haggin Oaks Club Performance and Repair Center (located in the Pro Shop) and have our club repair specialists measure your grips. A properly fitted grip provides more control which in turn allows you to grip the club without a death grip.

When you play a round with old, dirty grips, you are leaving shots out on the golf course. Most experts recommend replacing your grips at least once a season.

For a limited time, Golf Pride is offering a Re-Gripping Special. Buy 10 Golf Pride grips and get a free $10 gift card. Or, purchase 5 Golf Pride grips and receive a $5 gift card.

Use your free gift card from the Re-Gripping Special on anything at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. You can use it towards a new product purchase inside the award-winning Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop or apply your gift card towards your next round of golf. You could also use your gift card towards lunch while you wait for your new Golf Pride grips to be applied while you wait!

To receive this special offer, simply mention “Golf Pride Special” at the Club Repair Center.¬†

New Golf Pride golf grips will improve your grip confidence! They will allow you to grip your club lighter, hit your driver further and improve your accuracy! Change your grips to improve your game!

Hurry into the Haggin Oaks Club Performance and Repair Center¬†before February 28, 2016 for this limited time offer.¬†The Club Performance and Repair Center offers service while you wait on Mondays through Saturdays from 8am to 4pm and on Sundays from 10am to 3pm.¬†Featuring Sacramento’s largest selection of grips, there are over 200 models available and over 2,000 grips in stock.

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