Projectile Dysfunction – New Golf Commercial from Polara

If your golf club travels in a straighter line than your golf ball, then you may be a good candidate for the Polara Golf Ball. Here is a cute new commercial from Polara on their Ultimate Straight Golf Balls that allow golfers to reduce their slice by up to 75%.

My favorite part of this commercial is the ‘Disclaimer’ at the very end, “Use Polara Ultimate Straight only as directed. Side effects may include lower scores, delusions of grandeur, and heightened pleasure. If your round lasts more than 5 hours, consult a professional.”

Click HERE to purchase online at or come into Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento to pick up these golf balls. They aren’t USGA approved, but if you are looking to have more fun on the golf course and spend less time looking for your ball in the rough, then you might want to try these out for yourself!

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