Play Like the Pros – Spotlight on Titleist and the 915 Line

It’s time to Play Like the Pros with our brand spotlight on Titleist. Get the quick facts on Jordan Spieth, the new Titleist 915 line and our very own Danielle Nash.


Play like the Pros this summer and find out the inside scoop on the Titleist 915 line. Ever wonder who from the Haggin Oaks staff is connected to your favorite brand? For all you Titleist lovers, here we feature Danielle Nash who is one of Haggin Oaks’ teaching professionals and club fitters as well as a Titleist staff member.

Danielle is a big supporter of Titleist and is the best person to get tips from about the brand as well as the new club line. Her thoughts on the Titleist 915 line? “I love the 915 fairway woods the most. They give me confidence when I hit from the fairway. Great launch and feel is what is most important to me. The Active Recoil Channel increased my ball speed, giving me distance and forgiveness. If distance and forgiveness is what you’re looking for, come see me for a fitting and let’s hit the 915 line.”

Also a member of the Titleist team, Jordan Spieth plays Titleist and signed on with the brand in the same year as Danielle in 2013. Similiar to Danielle, it is noted that he believes that feel is most important as well. He flew to the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California and it is quoted that he “focused on remaining very ‘feel-based’ in his swing” when testing and switching to the 915D2 Driver. He also won the 2015 Masters with this line. Want to use the clubs as a Green Jacket recipient? We carry them all at Haggin Oaks– and if we don’t have the style you like? Special ordering is also an option.

At Haggin Oaks it is important to us that you find what you like. To all the Titleist players out there, you’ve got to try this line. We offer many different options for club fittings including a full bag fitting, only irons or woods and putter fittings. If you want to utilize our TrackMan and see how far you can hit the driver, try a TrackMan QuickFit with Danielle for just $29.99 – how can you resist?

Call the Haggin Oaks Golf Concierge at 916-808-2531 to set up your fitting with Danielle today and Play Like the Pros.

Artwork and article created by Alivia Murphy, Marketing Team Member and Graphic Designer.

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