Now Available – The NEW Sun Mountain 2011 Speed Cart SV1

Sun Mountain has released their brand new Speed Cart SV1 which offers a new and bigger console, improved brake system, solid foam tires and features Sun Mountain’s new E-Z Latch System. The E-Z Latch System allows for easier folding, unfolding and handle height adjustment. The new brake system replaces the former caliper brake with a pin system to more securely lock the wheels.

The new Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1 may resemble the old Speed Cart, but if you look closely, you’ll find some pretty cool changes.  For one, the console has been completely redesigned and is divided into three different sections that divide the various electronic devices and accessories. The drink holder has been moved, there is a slide-out tray for your scorecard and pencil and the SV1 includes a cargo net that can hold head covers or your jacket.

Sun Mountain’s Speed Cart was a revolutionary introduction in 1999. Golfers were presented with an ergonomic, foldable, three-wheeled push cart that required no assembly. It was sturdy, perfectly balanced, and it positioned golfers’ backs, arms and shoulders in their most natural positions. This was something traditional two-wheeled pull carts could not and still do not offer. Sun Mountain has continually improved upon and added to its line of push carts to now include the collection of three-wheeled Speed Carts and the four-wheeled Micro-CartTM.


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