Meet Haggin Oaks Cart Barn Attendant Will Curtsinger

Will Curtsinger has worked in the Cart Barn at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex as an Attendant for the past 8 months.

While holding the position as Cart Barn Attendant he is also a first-year student at Sierra College majoring in Science of Nursing.  Will hopes to work in a Trama Care unit in the future and graduated from Studia Nova High School as Valedictorian of his 2022 Senior Class.

Will has been playing golf his entire life.  His Grandfather, John Koogle who is the Cart Barn Manager started Will playing golf as soon as he could hold onto a club.  Now, today they get to play together at Haggin Oaks during their off time.

When Will is not working or playing golf at Haggin Oaks he has several other interest and hobbies.  He is active in composing music of all genres.  He is also a daily weightlifter in the gym and enjoys working out.

Will has many items on his bucket list along with rock climbing in his future.  Mount Everest in Asia, the highest mountain in the world would be a long shot. But today, it is on his list.

We look forward to following the bright future of Will Curtsinger.

Stop by the Cart Barn and introduce yourself.

What a great guy!

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