Master Your Golf Game on Your Schedule at Haggin Oaks!

With summer just around the corner, the kids being out of school, more sun, less rain, and perfect mornings, now is the time to start getting “back in the swing of things” and get back out on the course.

However, we know that it may have been a while since you played, maybe you feel a bit rusty, or maybe you want to up your game so you can be the best in your group.

Whatever reason you have for wanting to get better at golf this summer, we have something that we think can help.

Our “Flex Clinics” were created with you specifically in mind and we named them that because they are flexible. We host the same clinics on multiple days and at multiple times throughout the week so that you can find the clinic you want on YOUR schedule.

These clinics cover the most important and impactful topics that will actually move the needle on your golf game all in under an hour. So, no matter how busy you may be, you can still find time to get the skills you need to kill it on the course.

They are made up of a series of lessons covering the most important topics in golf, including:

• Increase Your Club Head Speed to Drive it Farther!

• 3 Secrets to the Short Game for Lower Scores

• Learn to Hit Solid Shots From Uneven Lies

• Practice Smarter to lower Your Scores

• Get on the Green and Out of the Sand in One Shot

and much, much more!

To register for single sessions it is $25 or if you want to commit to a group of five (which is what we recommend) then we would give you one lesson for free and you would only have to pay $99!

If you would like to learn more about class topics. you can here:

If you want to register for single classes or if you want to get 4 classes and get #5 free you can here:

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