Key Takeaways From Mike Schy’s Seminar on One Length Irons

A few weeks ago at the 2019 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, Mike Schy, PGA Tour Professional Bryson Dechambeau’s Golf Coach, gave a seminar on his thoughts on Cobra’s one length irons.

This concept is not new to the game of golf and has actually been around for a long time, however, the industry currently trends very heavily toward variable length clubs. So, with Bryson and Mike going against the grain, they have definitely been picking up some attention with some even going as far as giving Bryson the title of “The Mad Scientist.” However, when asked about, it Mile said: “the reality is, I hate to be classified as the real mad scientist, but he just got off the table, so we just call him Frankenstein.”

Regardless of who started it, they are both definitely making waves in the industry with the concept of one length clubs along with many other ideas they have had. Here is the breakdown of what Mike had to say about one length irons during his interview with Frank LaRosa on the ESPN 1320 Golf to Go Stage during the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, which was held April 26-28, 2019, in Sacramento, CA.

1. They Are the Only Way

“Yeah, I think it’s the only way. Personally, I really do. I think we’ve proven the numbers that dynamically you’re going to improve, you’re going to hit it straight, you’re gonna hit it more accurate, you’re going to improve your proximity…”

When asked, Mike came right out and said that he believes these clubs are the only way to golf. They have proven the numbers, seen the improvements and shown that when people of almost any skill level start using these clubs, their game dynamically improved and they are able to get consistently lower scores.

2. Choose the Length of Your Favorite Club

With one length clubs, you aren’t stuck to a specific length. In fact, you can choose whichever length you like best and make all your clubs the same length. A majority of people stick with the 6 – 9 iron lengths because those are often their favorite clubs and they fit them the best, however, you can get about as creative as you want with what works best for your skill level and swing.

3. It May Feel Weird at First, But Give Them a Real Try

Mike stated that it may feel weird at first if you are used to variable length clubs, however, once you see the impact it has on the consistency of your shots and control you will fall in love. Just try them out and see what you think, it’s a way easier transition than you would think. In fact, you can come into the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop and test the Cobra One Length Irons for yourself. To learn more about these clubs, click here.

4. Start Asking Questions

“We don’t ask enough questions. We don’t try to take the game into our own hands. The game traditionally has been sort of off-limits, and I think that’s changing now, I think we have more of a voice with the game.”

Mike thinks that we as golfers should be asking more questions about why things are the way that they are and how we can make them better, both for ourselves and for the game itself. This is how the concept and eventual use of one length clubs by Bryson came about. All he did was ask why they have to be different lengths, there weren’t any good answers and so they went about making their own set of one length irons to try out and you should do the same. Don’t be afraid to push the limits, but also, make sure you know the rules before you break them.

5. Getting Fitted is a Must!

“… it’s fitting. I think everybody should be fitted. … everybody in here probably tried on their shoes. If you got the wrong pair of shoes, I guarantee you’ll be walking funny. And I guarantee you if you got a bad set of clubs that aren’t fit, you’re going to swing funny.”

Mike thinks that everyone should be getting fit for their clubs because, unless you know the dynamics of golf and have the necessary technology, you are missing out on critical information to be able to get the clubs that are going to do you the most good, which will most definitely hinder your game.

Overall, Mike seems to think that one length clubs (not just irons, but drivers and woods as well) are the way to go to take your game to the next level, what do you think?

Want to watch the full seminar? You can watch it here.

Ready to try the Cobra One Length clubs out? Call the Golf Concierge at Haggin Oaks at 916-808-2531 and go through a club fitting on the TrackMan. Compare the One Length irons against your current set and see the difference for yourself!

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