Introducing the Club Booster EWheels – Turn Any Push Cart into an Electric Cart

Haggin Oaks got a sneak peak at the world’s first ever powered wheels that will convert any pushcart into a remote controlled motorized electric golf caddie. Check out the Club Booster EWheels, presented by Alphard Golf.

It isn’t often that a new product will generate enough interest that most of the sales staff leaves the comfort of the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop to come outside and check it out. However, the  Club Booster EWheels proved to be such a product!

This amazing new “powered wheels” unit will attach to all the top pushcarts in golf, including ClicGear, Sun Mountain and Bag Boy. For the low price of $599.99, you can turn your current pushcart into a fully functioning electric golf caddie. (Or pick up a combo unit that features the Club Booster EWheels and a ClicGear 3.5 pushcart for $799.99.

This amazing new product features forward and reverse control, speed control, cruise control and a two-year warranty. Everyone recognizes the health benefits of walking for your round of golf, but why carry your golf bag (or even push your bag), when the Club Booster EWheels gives you the control to ensure your bag is always where you want it to be.

The unit includes a remote control and the turning radius on this thing is incredible. It is lightweight, weighing in at only 23 pounds and is quickly assembled onto the push cart of your choice. It has a distance timer for 15, 30 or 60 yards to make use easier and more convenient. And on a full charge, the battery will last you through 27 holes. And the battery is built to last. Assuming the average golfer plays one round a week, the battery has an expected lifespan of 10 years.

Here is a compatibility list of push carts that will work with the Club Booster EWheels:

Clicgear® 3-Wheel Models
Clicgear® 8.0
Rovic® (All Models)
Sun Mountain Speed Cart®
Sun Mountain Micro Cart®
Bagboy Quad®
Bagboy Tri-Swivel®
Caddytek® (All Models)
Alphard® Duo Cart

The real question is where can you see this amazing new product and purchase one for yourself? The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop has this new product on order and will be available by the middle of February. You can also order online at


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