How Often Should You Replace Your Golf Grips?

Frank LaRosa from Golf to Go on ESPN Radio 1320 interviews Pat Henk from Golf Pride on the importance of changing your golf grips during the 2013 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo.

How often should you replace your golf grips?
According to Pat Henk, golfers should plan on replacing their grips after every forty rounds or once a year, whichever comes first. Your golf grips are the only part of the club that you physically touch and you should maintain them – clean them, replace them and care for them regularly.

What are the tell-tale signs that your grips need to be replaced?
The grips are going to get hard and slick. Or, if you are someone that tends to overgrip your club, then you’ll start to see that thumb mark on your grip from where you are wearing through your grip.

What size grip is right for me?
It is best to see your local golf professional or club fitter to have your grips fit for you. The one thing you want to avoid are grips that are too small for you. Henk advises, “When you grip the club, you never want your fingers to be digging into your palm. If they are, that grip is too small. You are going to tend to squeeze a little bit tighter, the grip is going to feel like it is sliding and that isn’t a good thing. So make sure you are using the right size grip.”

Finally, personalize your clubs with your grips.
Grips today come in a wide range of colors and styles. Why not show your personality on and off the golf course!

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