Happy Valentine’s Day to Your Stomach – <3 Maloney's Grille

Your tummy is happy to be your valentine’s this year since Maloney’s Grille is serving up delicious food specials for February. Take a look at your options:

How about a delicious Mushroom Swiss Burger for lunch? 1/3 lb burger with grilled mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and aaaaall the rest of those delicious burger toppings. All of it comes with your choice of sides, too. Let your date (your stomach) pick!

Oh, man. Nothing says “love” like a Mini Corn Dog Basket. Honey battered corn dogs that are bite-sized and served with your choice of dipping sauce. Don’t forget the side! Looks great, tastes great, from Maloney’s Grille with love.

Who doesn’t love BBQ chicken? The salad this month is a BBQ Chicken Tender Caeser Salad full of, you guessed it, BBQ chicken and the rest of a freshly chopped Caesar Salad. It’s full of croutons and drizzled with BBQ sauce, plus pick a side any side! If you’d fall in love with any salad, it’d be this one.

Enjoy these specials this month only at Maloney’s Grille!

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