Happy Thanksgiving by Frank LaRosa, ESPN 1320’s Golf To Go

The Friday after Thanksgiving is one of the bigger days for golf during the year. Getting an early tee time, which puts you home in time for holiday football, has the makings of a great leftover turkey weekend.

What do you give thanks for this time of year? I know we are all supremely thankful for our health, our happiness, and our families. But what makes you feel fortunate?

Some golfers feel that finding a new Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is a reason for celebration. Others get excited about a new set of golf clubs. Maybe you had a hole-in-one? Perhaps your Saturday morning foursome has been together at the same time, same place for many, many years. Maybe you met a famous player, like Arnold Palmer? Maybe you had a stroke but your rehab gives you the strength to continue playing the game you love.

Indeed, we all want to hit the ball 300 yards off the tee and shoot sub-par rounds of golf. Unfortunately, it’s not in the cards for most of us. So, let’s give thanks for what we can do. Whatever it is that fuels your fire, feeds your thirst, or gives you comfort, it’s important to take a moment and give thanks for your good fortune.

Happy Thanksgiving. See you on the first tee!

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