Haggin Oaks Of Sacramento, California Joins The National Golf Buyers Association

“I’m very pleased to announce that Haggin Oaks, one of the legends in the golf business for decades, has joined the NGBA and its affiliated independently owned and operated Golf Headquarters stores,”said Executive Director Lee Clapp.

“I’ve known Ken Morton Sr. for many years and I really enjoyed my recent visit with him and Ken Jr. and tour of their facilities. Although he and his operations have been executing at the highest level for close to 50 years and its obvious their customer centric, personal touch philosophy is their legacy, I left convinced that one of their greatest strengths is that they’re perpetually evolving, embracing new concepts and platforms. We’ll have many of their “best practices” posted on our member’s only intranet site.

In fact, during my tour, Ken Morton Jr. mentioned to me that in addition to the enhanced buying power the NGBA offers, he likewise looked forward to the exchange of ideas and best practices that this association that includes many of golf’s top independent golf merchants offers.

Among other awards Haggin Oaks has earned is that it’s the only Public golf facility designated one of Golf Digest’s Americas Top 100 Golf shops since the awards inception in 1986. Their Super shop has earned the Lifetime Winner of Golf Digest/Golf World Business America’s 100 best Golf Shop Award. They are actively engaged in promoting the game, employing 25 Golf Professionals dedicated to lessons, and are very active in The First Tee organization.

Their April 24-26 Golf Expo, celebrating their 40th event anniversary this year attracts approximately 25,000 guests to their 3645 Fulton Avenue Golf Complex, and I know our entire association welcomes them and wishes them the best of luck this weekend.”

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