Get to Know Your Pro: 10 Questions with Calvin Carpenter

Today, Calvin Carpenter is answering our 10 question format in our Get to Know Your Pro Series.

Calvin Carpenter is a Teaching Professional here at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, CA.

Calvin_1000Calvin started playing golf at the age of 10 and grew up in a small town outside of Madison, WI. He was an accomplished junior player, playing on the Wisconsin State Golf Association Junior Tour and helping his high school win the state championship his senior year. At age 25, Calvin went back to college to get a degree in Golf Enterprise Management from the University of Wisconsin, Stout. After falling in love with California during an internship, Calvin knew he wanted to pursue a golf career in this sunny state. Calvin is currently enrolled in the PGA of America’s program to become a certified instructor. He enjoys teaching the game of golf and watching the transformation of his players, but above all, he believes that no matter what someone is doing, that it should first and foremost, be fun.

It’s time to get to know your pro with 10 questions for Calvin.

B: If golf had a walkup song to the 1st tee, like in baseball, what would be yours and why?

C: Pink Floyd, Money. This song gets me pumped up and confident.

B: First golf club you ever bought?

C: My first club was a Knight Complete Box Set. I bought it at Shopko.

B: Who taught you how to golf?

C: My dad and my head golf professional Steve Hlavack, PGA at the golf club I grew up playing.

B: How many pairs of golf shoes do you own?

C: One pair of golf shoes. Wait, if I consider these (points at shoes he’s currently wearing), then… (counting under breath) Five. Two that I actually wear, one for on course and one for work. The others are just sitting in my closet.

B: Lowest round ever shot?

C: 69 at Stoughton Country Club in Stoughton, WI

B: What is your least favorite thing to do on a golf course?

C: Listen to someone talk on their cellphone.

B: Favorite Golfers? 

C: Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker. Steve, because he’s from WI. I would say Tiger influenced me the most. I wanted to BE Tiger, swing like Tiger, have his game, basically.

B: Favorite Course to Play?

C: Pebble Beach. I love being on the coast and near the ocean.

B: Who’s swing would you like to have and why?

C: Tiger Woods. Well, Tiger Woods around the early 2000’s (laughs). His swing was so powerful and balanced.

B: Favorite club in your bag?

C: My 54 degree wedge. It gets me out of trouble, gets me up and down more than any other club. Saves my score.

B: If you weren’t a golf professional, what would you be doing for a living?

C: I would say a surgeon. I feel like a surgeon is like a golf pro in a sense. You both need to be able to treat and fix certain things. I’ve always been fascinated and admired how surgeons make other’s lives better.

Thanks, Calvin!

Here’s a tip on how to hit different hybrid shots courtesy of Calvin:

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