Game Golf “Permitted Under The Rules Of Golf”

Game Golf is game-changing wearable technology brings automatic shot tracking abilities to recreational and tournament golfers

Game_GolfThe ability to improve your game whether during a weekend outing with friends or while participating in a club tournament just got easier. GAME GOLF, a wearable device that tracks and displays a golfer’s round of golf announced today the product has been officially approved by the U.S.’ governing body for golf and is “Allowable under The Rules of Golf,” which means it can now be used in competition.

GAME GOLF, which consists of a small, light weight device worn on the player’s belt and individual sensor tags that attach to the butt end cap of each club, records every shot played during a round of golf using GPS and motion sensing technology. By simply tapping the GAME GOLF sensor tag to the device worn on the waist, the GAME GOLF device automatically records course, location on the hole, club used and club distance. After the round, the golfer simply uploads the data via computer to for post-round analysis, which can also be viewed via a mobile app or web platform.

Since GAME GOLF does not provide real-time club distances and data and cannot be viewed on a player’s mobile device during their round, GAME GOLF is “Permitted under The Rules of Golf” and can be used in competition. The GAME GOLF web platform and the mobile app recreates your round of golf for the purposes of allowing you to see, share, compete and compare data with a PGA Professional or your group of friends.

“We designed GAME GOLF specifically to allow golfers to capture their round of golf automatically without disrupting the pace of play or interrupting the golfer’s focus,” said John McGuire, GAME GOLF CEO. “GAME GOLF’s unique ‘tag-and-go’ process becomes part of the golfer’s pre-shot routine and is designed to be a performance trigger. The tags were designed under 2 grams of weight, as anything above that effects the performance of the club in a negative way. Following the round, golfers can go to and re-live each shot, view stats and data, and have the ability to share in a fun, socially driven way.”

GAME GOLF is a tool aimed at growing the game of golf. It attracts the golfer who wants to improve using technology by allowing them to learn the true distances of each of their clubs and gather stats like fairways hit, greens in regulation, number of putts and more. GAME GOLF is a fun, interactive system that can connect golfers in any geographic locations to compete and share their round.

GAME GOLF has strategic partnerships with the most influential entities in the golf world, including The PGA of America and Golf Channel. In addition, the PGA Tour professionals working with GAME GOLF to develop the product are 2010 U.S. Open champion Graeme McDowell, 2003 U.S. Open champion Jim Furyk, and Lee Westwood. McDowell has been testing and providing feedback on the product for the last two years.

GAME GOLF is currently available in golf specialty stores, online at and exclusively at Apple retail stores in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Ireland, with plans to continue growth across the globe. Retail Price is $249.

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