Free Golf Ball Personalization from Srixon During Haggin Oaks Golf Expo Weekend

Haggin Oaks and Srixon Golf will be offering free golf ball personalization with the purchase of any Srixon branded golf balls.


Srixon is offering custom printing on your golf balls all while you wait! Pad printing is a fascinating process and it’s done the same way on-site as in the factory. The entire process takes 10-15 minutes and you can watch as your one-of-a-kind balls are made.

First step is to choose the right ball for your game and express your identity through customizing the color, font and saying on your balls. Whether you’re looking to create a personalized gift for yourself, your family or friends, or a custom golf ball to commemorate a special holiday or life event, the experienced team at Srixon can help you realize your vision all in 10-15 mins!

With some creativity, Srixon golf balls can be transformed into the ultimate gift or just a way to express yourself on the golf course.

GolfExpo40yearsThe Haggin Oaks Golf Complex is celebrating a milestone as 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the Haggin Oaks Golf Expo which has grown over the years into America’s Largest Demo Days and Golf Lifestyle Show and runs Friday, April 24 through Sunday, April 26 from 9am to 5pm daily. This year’s event promises to be entertaining, educational, interactive, informative and as always, FREE to the general public. Click HERE for more information.

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