For Straight And Consistent Shots, Let Your Arms Hang at Address

Haggin Oaks Director of Instruction & Club Fitting Tom Morton sent out this little tip on his personal blog this morning- check it out if you’d like some additional great swing recommendations to better your game…

It is rare that you see tour players extend the arms and reach for the ball at address, but this is something seen all the time by amateurs on the lesson tee. It is also a common cause of slicing.

Your arms should hang under your shoulders and feel relaxed. Your wrists will already be semi-cocked, so you can simply maintain that wrist cock as you swing back. Your hands are closer to your body for leverage. Through impact the club stays along the target line longer. But if the club and your arms are positioned higher, forming more of a straight line and extending toward the ball, you feel tension in your shoulders. Your wrists will cock inconsistently. You will come across the ball, making it hard to square the club and release (turn over) the club face through impact.

Work on your set up so that your arms hang naturally from your body. You should be looking in at your hands, not out at them. Then, do your best to return to that position at impact. You should never feel as if you’re reaching for the ball at address. I would definitely rather see your hands too low than too high.


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