FlightScope Skills Now Available On Mobile Devices

FlightScope’s revolutionary benchmarking and gaming software, Skills, is now available for Apple and Android devices.

Flightscope SkillsThe FlightScope Skills app will allow golfers to assess and benchmark their golf games indoors or outdoors. Golfers will be able to create custom challenges that will consist of a series of virtual targets on which they will be given a score based on the ball’s proximity from a target’s center. The FlightScope Skills game is fully customizable allowing for the target shape, target size, number of targets, and distance to be set depending on the players goal. Golfers can also create extra pressure during games by adding a time limit and even have targets appear randomly to mimic a real golf round.

Golfers can now create the perfect practice routine with instant feedback on their performance and track their progression by joining Golfers can also connect with friends by creating custom challenges and inviting golfers around the world to compete in the innovative gaming environment that Skills provides. Head to head competition is (or competitions are) possible through Skills’ multiplayer option, providing the ultimate gaming experience.

Golf teachers and club fitters will find FlightScope Skills a very useful tool when assessing player weaknesses or testing equipment. Skills gives detailed reports on 11 ball parameters and seven club parameters for every swing on every target.

FlightScope Skills can be downloaded from the Apple App store or the Google Play. For more information visit or

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