First Time Fridays – What to Do When You Get to the Course

First Time Fridays is a new summer video series for beginners to get the inside scoop about how to look and feel like a golfer.

Welcome back to First Time Fridays! A new summer series brought to you by Kathryn Newton, Golf Digest and Morton Golf. We will give you the inside scoop on how to look and feel like a golfer for all you beginners out there. Golf is an intimidating sport so we want to make it easier for you to feel comfortable from the get-go. This week’s video informs you on “What to do When You Get to the Course”.

Kathryn does a great job of letting you what typical procedures are once you are at the golf course. Starting with how long you should give yourself before teeing off. 30 minutes allows you enough time to check in at the Pro Shop and then practice/stretch before you hit your first tee shot. Warming up is a great idea to get your body loose to make your swings more fluid and not injure yourself.

If the course you are at has a driving range, there you can rent golf balls to hit. On the range you are able to use any club from driver down to wedges. Check with the Pro Shop if there are complimentary golf balls or if there is a fee for the range balls.

After that, practicing putting will help you warm up as well. Kathryn gives great advice about hitting hard enough for the ball to get to the hole or past it. That way you know how much is too much.

From there, it’s probably time to head to the first tee and check in with the starter. That’s who will greet you and let you know when you can tee off. They will also let you know of any rules you should be following.

Finally, you are now hitting your first tee shot and ready to go. Play “ready golf” and don’t waste too much time in between shots. This keeps you on pace to finish in an appropriate time and won’t hold anyone up behind you.

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