First Time Fridays – How to Act Like a Golfer (Part 2)

First Time Fridays is a new summer video series for beginners to get the inside scoop about how to look and feel like a golfer.

First Time Fridays is here and we have Part 2 to last week’s tip! This is new summer series brought to you by Kathryn Newton, Golf Digest and Morton Golf. We will give you the inside scoop on how to look and feel like a golfer for all you beginners out there. Golf is an intimidating sport so we want to make it easier for you to feel comfortable from the get-go. Today, continue your education on how to act like a golfer.

Other important things to know while you’re at the golf course that we didn’t get to cover last week:
Music!  Feel free to play on a speaker or if you are by yourself listen with headphones if you want. It’s acceptable but make sure you have it on a proper volume level. A fun relaxing round is great with music. If you are playing in a tournament however, it’s a no go.

If you feel like doing a dance or getting excited over a great shot, celebrate! But be advised that you should be standing still when someone else is hitting. You don’t want to be too distracting.

Once you are a t the course, take pictures, be cool, act relaxed – if you look like a golfer, people think you are one. Just don’t start running around the course like a chicken with its head cut off over a 3 foot putt.  Fist bumps and high fives are encouraged – coyote calls? Not so much.

Next week we cover “How to Keep Score.”

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