ESPN 1320’s Frank LaRosa Talks about The Bridgestone Challenge

ESPN 1320’s Frank LaRosa, host of the Golf to Go Program, talks to Gary Renelt about The Bridgestone Challenge and the Bridgestone line of golf balls. In case you haven’t heard, Bridgestone golf balls are climbing the charts – they are the #2 golf ball on the market, trailing only behind Titleist.

What is The Bridgestone Challenge?
Bridgestone is bringing the benefits of the Tour Professionals to the average golfer. Amateurs can now be fit into the golf ball that is best suited for their game. For the challenge, golfers test their current golf ball against the Bridgestone golf ball line. After a series of balls are hit, the shots are compared using computer analysis and a Bridgestone ball is recommended based on the best fit for their game. Click HERE to find the next Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Challenge in your region.

Bridgestone Tour B330 Series Golf Balls

  • Available in four different models
  • Each model targets different clubhead speeds
  • Bridgestone B330-RX and Bridgestone B330-RXS
    • Most popular models for the average male amateur golfer
    • Fills a void that Bridgestone found during ball testing. Over 75% of tested golfers have a clubhead speed less than 105 mph and 60% of those golfers were playing a tour ball. Bridgestone capitalized on the need to build a ball for the average amateur golfer to fulfill a need that wasn’t being met in the market five years ago.
    • Offers tour spin performance

Bridgestone e-series Golf Balls

  • Targets mid-handicap player
  • The benefits of this golf ball is based on ball flight
  • e6 is the #1 ball in this category and is ideal for the golfer that may be a bit “directionally challenged”  

The full line of Bridgestone Golf Balls are available at all the Morton Golf properties, including Haggin Oaks, Bing Maloney, and the Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Courses in Sacramento, CA. Click HERE to purchase online at

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