Designer Bjorn Bengtsson Talks About Greg Norman

An Inside Look at Greg Norman’s Golf Apparel Line with Designer Bjorn Bengtsson

At the 2015 PGA Show in Orlando Florida, Haggin Oaks met up with the Men’s clothing designer, Bjorn Bengtsson, to gain an inside look at the Greg Norman clothing line. Bjorn talked about his experience, the usage of color within the brand, how he keeps being a leader within the Industry, the future of the brand, and the technology of Greg Norman’s apparel. Bjorn through his interview clearly explains what the Greg Norman brand encompasses. Take a look at what Bjorn has to say!

Greg Norman, nicknamed the (great white) shark, has created a iconic timeless brand. He was born in Queensland Australia and was active in numerous sports: rugby, swimming, and fishing. However, when Greg Norman was 15 years old he started golfing with his mother. At age 15, little did he know that he was going to win numerous prestigious golf titles and create a world renown brand. Today, Greg is still active in the golf industry. Greg Norman is the CEO of Great White Shark Industries.

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