Cure Putters Demo Day on June 16

Cure Putters Demo Day is coming to Haggin Oaks on June 16 from 9 am to 3 pm on the MacKenzie Putting Green where you’ll get to try the Cure Classics putting series.

Come and try the CX 1, CX 2, and CX3 model Cure Putters on Saturday, June 16! Cure Putters are available only in select places so this is your opportunity to try the Fastest Growing Putter on the Champions Tour for yourself. Since putters tend to be highly customizable, testing these putters out with one of our golf professionals will let you know which putter suits your own personal game best.

Sign up for the demo day by calling the Golf Concierge at 916-808-2531. Hurry, June 16 is fast-approaching!

What Makes Cure Putters Different Than Other Putters?

Cure Putters believe in the principle of “Form Follows Function,” and their “no-nonsense and performance-driven” design is what makes them truly stand out. Their design compares with other high-end putters that have a Higher MOI (Motion of Inertia). Higher MOI means the putters have an increased stability allowing for more forgiveness and distance control. To achieve that Higher MOI, Cure putters have a larger face with an extreme perimeter and they’re made with lightweight aircraft aluminum… which is pretty cool.

Difference Between CX 1, CX2, and CX3 putters

The CX1 is slightly oversized at a 5” blade length and it has tungsten weight inserts in the heel and toe for extremely High MOI, including 6 adjustable weights. With a higher center of gravity, lower loft, and deeper face that impacts the ball at the equator, the CX1 deliver a superior roll, meaning it gets the ball rolling sooner and helps it stay on the intended line.

In the same way as the CX1, the CX2 model has practically the same looks and overall structure, the only difference is its weight and change in MOI respectively.

Finally, the CX3 is the latest addition to the Cure Classic Series, and this putter has an even higher weight and MOI. In addition, it has the option of 8 weight adjustability rather than the 6 adjustable weights like the CX1 & 2. Another difference is its shape, while the CX1 & CX2 have the traditional blade style putter look, the CX3 has a traditional mid mallet head shape with T-Bar alignment.

Nonetheless, all three have a higher center of gravity, lower loft, and deeper face hits the ball where it needs to so it can roll sooner and stay in its intended line.

More Information

For more information on Cure Putters based in Jacksonville, Florida, check out their website and YouTube channel. Here’s an interesting “How It’s Made” video of Cure’s American-milled putters.


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