Be Original. Be Creative. Order a Custom Cleveland Wedge!

You are an original and you want your golf clubs to reflect that, right?

Check out these CUSTOM Cleveland wedges that our Haggin Oaks staff member and salesperson, Nick Waterworth, just received. They turned out very cool, and I simply had to share them with our readers!

Here’s a picture for comparison purposes showing the ‘plain, everyday’ Cleveland wedge next to all three of Nick’s custom ones. Each custom wedge has been drastically altered cosmetically.

Here is Nick’s new 52* wedge. Sweet graphics! You can choose from 7 different lofts: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56 Low (right hand only), 56, 58, 60 Low (RH only) and 60 when picking your new wedge.

This particular wedge features a Black Pearl finish and “cropped loft” skin.. RTG and Satin finishes are also available. Optional grinds are also available on the RTG finish (which is the “rusty” finish).

You have the option of choosing a logo, such as the CG Tour Action (pictured) or Authentic 1988. You can even write your name in one of twenty colors on the wedge (a personal favorite of mine!) Nick wrote his initials on this one. You can then add any color you want to every single etched section of the club. I like Nick’s choice of red and white. He also has a “burst” skin featured on this wedge.

For an extra charge, you can add a “skin” such as argyle, checkered, cropped loft or burst. This 60* wedge features the argyle which looks pretty cool with the green and yellow paint fill. The skins are a $30 upcharge per wedge.

There are a ton of custom shaft options available as well, including those for your favorite college. Some shaft options do incur an additional upcharge. You can also choose from over 20 grip options and from five different lies. I know there is more to say, but you get the drift. Simply stated… the sky is the limit!

Prices start at $199.99 and shipping is free! These custom wedges take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete.

Interested in learning how you can order a set of your own wedges as wild as you want by choosing from different paint fills, finish applications and more? Come into the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop and see Nick or click HERE to check out the My Custom Wedge section on Cleveland Golf’s website.  Nick can also be reached by phone at 916-808-2526 if you have any questions about his new creations.

Do you have a custom Cleveland wedge? Send me an email at with your pictures and I’ll post them here!

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