Alignment is Easier than Ever with the New Odyssey Red Ball Putter

The new Odyssey Red Ball putter was built to improve proper set up and proper alignment. Having the right set up and alignment is crucial for any golfer.

At the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop in Sacramento, CA, through years of fitting golfers on the SAM PuttLab, the world’s most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system, our fitters have discovered that most golfers do not have proper alignment when lining up a putt. This new innovative putter design from Odyssey is all about getting you properly positioned over the ball.

The red ball in the scope serves an important purpose – it is designed to allow you to easily align the putter face to the intended start line on every putt. Odyssey has been experimenting with putter designs for years and the new Odyssey Red Ball putter includes some of the most successful technology from the Odyssey arsenal.

Improved Alignment from Versa
odyssey’s proven Versa high contrast technology also helps you frame the ball for the right set up over each putt.

White Hot Sound and Feel
Odyssey’s legendary White Hot insert provides legendary sound, feel and great roll.

More Forgiveness from a Mallet Shape
This is how Odyssey’s able to concentrate the weight, driving up the MOI significantly for more consistent ball speeds and directional control.

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