A Look Back at Golf & Guitars XVI

Big names, great people, and a good cause—what better two days could country music fans ask for?

Last week was the annual Golf & Guitars country music festival at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex. For two days, country music stars and fans descended upon the course for one heckuva shindig and raise money for a good cause!

On Monday, VIP Golf & Guitars ticketholders were treated to dinner and an intimate evening with several country music songwriters. Before the musicians took the stage, the Morton Golf Foundation announced their 2024 scholarship winners. Once the presentation was over, it was finally time for the country music to begin.

Artists came out in groups of 4, each playing their own songs and assisting the other musicians on stage. Among those featured were Chris Roberts, Craig Wayne Boyd, Johnny & Heidi Bulford, Erin Enderlin, Mae Estes, Amanda Gray, Elena Jane, Austin Jenckes, Lauren Mascetti, Kevin Post, Kennedy Scott, and Scott Stepakoff.

Tuesday started at 9am with the annual Golf & Guitars charity golf tournament. After mingling with fans before the opening ceremony, the players all hit the links to raise money to benefit charities of their own choosing.

Like always, fans were welcome on the course during the tournament as spectators. There were groups set up on holes, ready to collect their favorite musician’s signatures as they played through. Many of the players took the time to stop and talk with their fans and thank them for coming out (or snap a selfie or two!). The mood was lively, welcoming, intimate, and above all else—fun!

That mood carried well on through the day, all the way to the main event. At 5:30pm, bands took the stage to perform. For nearly 5 hours straight, live country music rocked from the stage. Nothing could stop this party—not even a little unexpected rain!

Of course, Golf & Guitars is a charity event and the true winners were the charities benefitting from the event. During the main concert, Jason Michael Carroll and KNCI radio hosts Tom and Cody presented a special gift to members of PGA Hope, a non-profit organization that helps wounded veterans. Each PGA Hope member in attendance received a custom PING Hooferlite bag and roaring applause from the crowd. The Northern California PGA also received a $29,000 check for an adaptive cart that their program highly needed.

Next, it was time to announce the winners of the golf tournament. In 5th place was Mae Estes, winning $2,500 for Creativets. Tied for second place were Kennedy Scott, Erin Enderlin, and Eric Gunderson, winning $4,000 for Rahab House, Songwriting with Soldiers, and Augie’s Quest respectively. In first place was Chris Roberts, winning $6,000 to keep the Apollo Middle School Choir’s program.

With its sixteenth year behind it, Golf & Guitars has raised nearly $2 million dollars for charity since it’s inception. It is a wonderful event that both musicians and fans are proud to be a part of and this year was no different.

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