On the 21st Day of Christmas: Golf Ball Display Cabinet

The Golf Gifts and Gallery Golf Ball Display Cabinet is one of our most popular golf gifts and should be on every golfers wish list this holiday season.


The golf ball display cabinet is one of our most popular golf gifts and should be on every golfers wish list. Keep the memories of your favorite courses, destinations, or events alive and on display in the Golf, Gifts and Gallery Golf Ball Display Cabinet.

Ideal for any office, den, or family room, this elegant golf ball cabinet from Golf, Gifts & Gallery is perfect for displaying hole-in-one balls and other trophy keepsakes. The cabinet is made of high-quality mahogany-finished wood, with a green felt background offering a nice contrast to the balls’ white color. In addition, users can locate the cabinet just about anywhere, as it mounts easily to a wall or sits on a table.

We have three sizes to choose from all with room to elegantly display standard golf balls. The 25 Ball Display Cabinet comes in white, mahogany or black finish.

The 63 & 49  golf ball cabinet  comes in a beautiful mahogany finish, both with a green felt background. The 63 ball cabinet comes with tees to display your most prized golf balls in the case.

Each of these beautiful display cabinets can be found at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA.

Don’t have time to come into the shop, click HERE to order your display cabinet online at MortonGolfSales.com

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