2023 FootGolf World Cup Kicks off in Orlando

Watch Haggin Oaks Employee, Nick Wallace, Represent and Compete for Team USA in the 2023 FIFG World Cup!

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What is FootGolf?

FootGolf is still a relatively new and upcoming sport but thankfully it is simple and easy to learn. It can be most simply defined as a cross between Golf and Soccer. If you want to play footgolf all you need to do is find your nearest footgolf course and bring your soccer ball. Learn more about footgolf and book a footgolf tee time at Haggin Oaks Arcade Creek.

2023 Footgolf World Cup

Image credit to FIFG Orlando 2023

The 2023 World Cup is the fourth iteration of the event and Orlando Florida will be hosting this year. 40 different countries will be competing in the 2023 World Cup. All 40 countries have men’s teams and many of them have women’s teams as well. The event is being hosted by Disney World Resort and has been dubbed the “Happiest Place on Turf.” The World Cup begins on May 29th (Today) and the final rounds will be held on June 6th. Footgolf fans can tune in and watch the competition on the CTV Sports App, for absolutely FREE! The CTV Sports App is available on mobile devices and Smart TVs. Ceo of CTV Sports Mike Ferreira is streaming the sport for free in order to reach a wider audience and grow the footgolf fanbase.

Home Town Hero: Nick Wallace

Image credit to American Footgolf Federation

Nick’s Sacramento Roots

Nick Wallace is competing in the 2023 World Cup on behalf of Team USA as the team captain. He grew up in Sacramento and sports have always played a large role in his life. Nick has played soccer for most of his life and golfed for over 20 years. So when he picked up footgolf in 2013, it was the perfect fit. With his soccer talent and his golf knowledge, he became a skilled footgolfer.

Nick’s Professional Footgolf Career

Nick has made waves in the world of footgolf as blugolf.com currently has him ranked 8th in the nation. He has many impressive performances at major tournaments and he competed on the 2016 USA team that won the World Cup. More recently Nick placed second in the 2022 Nationals, one of the two major tournaments of footgolf.

Team USA is becoming a footgolf powerhouse as they have been able to medal gold and bronze in the previous 2 world cups, 2016 and 2018 respectively. When asked how he felt going into the upcoming World Cup Nick Wallace said that he “Feels good, team USA is coming off a big win beating UK in the Jansen Cup and we’re confident.” Team USA also has other advantages like home country and the fact they have the biggest roster with over 70 players. Nick shares how their roster size gives them an advantage as they are able to “Feed off each other’s energy.” Team USA certainly is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of footgolf and they are showing up to the 2023 World Cup ready to compete, led by captain Nick Wallace.

Nick also works at the Haggin Oaks Super Shop and practices on the Arcade Creek Course. Tune in to CTV to watch the 2023 Footgolf World Cup and root for Nick Wallace!

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