Your Top Golf Bag Questions Answered!

In the world of golf there are many nuances and questions that need to be answered, especially as you become more of an advanced golfer, in regards to how to make the game more fun, how to play better, and ultimately how to get the most out of your time on the course.

After doing some research, we realized that one aspect of the game of golf, that has some of the most unanswered questions is golf bags.
So we decided to take the most commonly asked questions on Google and answer them for you. Here they are:

What is the best golf bag?

This depends a little bit on who’s asking the question.

If you’re a walker and someone who carries your golf bag, then something like a super ultra-lightweight is probably going to be best for your back.

Some of those best sellers in that category are the Sun Mountain 2.5, Sun Mountain 3.5, the Ping Hoofer Light, the Callaway Hyper Light stand bags, pretty much all of the bags between two and a half, and four pounds.

Most all of them are made from nice durable nylons and in some cases ripstop nylon that is exceptionally durable and very light.

But trying to find something that’s fairly lightweight is important.

If you’re someone who is on a pull cart or a power cart more often than not, then weight is less important.

Having something with more storage is probably more advantageous.

Finding a cart-specific bag like a Sun Mountain C-130, a PING Traverse, the Titleist club bag, or virtually any bag from the bag boy line would be a better fit.

It ultimately depends on how you plan to use it.

How much does a golf bag cost?

Most bags will start in the 80 to $100 range and those are usually your low-end value propositions.

If you’re looking for something with a great name to it, that name you trust in golf, most of the time you’re in 150 to $250 range somewhere in there. Got it? Okay.

Can you add a kickstand to a golf bag?

There is a standard mechanism that you can add to a bag that is extremely clumsy and very heavy and highly not recommended.

Which golf bags have full-length dividers?

Very few bags these days don’t have full-length dividers.

It is far more the exception than the rule to have anything that doesn’t.

Nearly all of the bags that have 14-way dividers you can almost guarantee will go all the way down.

As for bags that are five or six-way dividers, most of the time they go all the way down as well nowadays.

What is the best golf carry bag?

As of right now one of our absolute favorite golf bags is the Sun Mountain 2.5+ 14 way bag.

This bag is exceptionally lightweight, has complete organization, made of very durable materials, and has great color options!

In addition, for the cost, it is one of the best value bags out there.

Is Datrek a good golf bag?

Datrek Bags are great!

They are actually owned by the Bag Boy company which is one of the top-selling golf bag companies in the world.

They also own Burton Golf bags and several other golf brands.

They are a really good value, very well made, and use high-quality rip-stop nylon in all of their designs.

And the Chiller Cart Bag is one to take a look at it actually has a pocket that is foil lined so that you can put warm or cold materials inside the bag in order to keep the temperature either hot or cold depending on which one you want it to do.

What golf bags do the pros use?

pros use Staf golf bags and largely because that’s has the the largest billboard they can put on the side of the bag and they’re not having to carry If.

We sell probably less than a dozen staff bags over the course of the year, just because they’re fairly heavy and clumsy, it’s not a bag, you’d want to use day to day.

Where do golf clubs go in the bag?

When you have your bag on the golf cart, you want the shortest golf clubs towards you out from furthest away, and the longest clubs in closest to the cart.

And that way you can actually see all the golf clubs and easily take them in and out without having to reach in behind or over golf clubs.

Is a cart bag or standard bag better?

It really depends on the golfer.

If you are carrying your bag at all, or even taking it to the driving range, I always recommend getting a stand on it because it gives you the most amount of flexibility.

And it can go on a golf cart, pull cart and pretty much anywhere else you would want it.

If you’re on a cart or a pull cart exclusively and you never ever carry your bag, then it’s kind of a moot point on why you would want it but having it on there isn’t a negative to having it on a cart in any way.

How do I organize my golf bag for a push cart?

All of the short clubs go on the bottom, all of the top clubs go on the top.

And the reason being is is you don’t ever want the short golf clubs banging and hitting against the shafts of the longer golf clubs.

Because eventually you can ship them or in do damage there.

So if you keep all the longer clubs above the short ones down that wouldn’t ever happen from a gravity standpoint.

How many clubs should be in a golf bag?

Typically, it’s 14.

Because that’s the USGA limit on how many golf clubs you can have in your set.

But there are a handful of bags that have a 15th slot for an umbrella, ball fetcher, or other golf accessories.

Where do you store your golf gloves

If you want to keep a leather glove in top condition the longest you use a ziplock bag, and when you’re done playing, you actually put it in a Ziploc bag and keep it inside your golf bag.

It’s leather, it dries out just like a pair of shoes does and just like you’re wanting to polish and moisturize a leather shoe to keep it looking its best longer the same goes with the glove if you can actually keep it from drying out.

If you can do that it will last much much longer.

Where do you store your golf clubs?

Most people keep them in their trunk of their car.

And when the weather is good, and not too hot, that’s totally okay.

In Sacramento when it gets 110 degrees It can get 120 to 130 inside your car and in that particular case, you can actually do harm to your grips.

We’ve actually seen it gets so hot in cars where the epoxy holding club heads together has actually melted, and the heads have come off shafts.

In that particular case, it’s better to keep them either inside or in a cool garage.

How do you pack a golf bag on a plane?

what I typically do is take a towel or a beach towel and wrap it like a snake in and around amongst my club heads so that they’re not banging against one another as they’re rattling and going through all the different checkpoints.

The bag itself really can be anything you want.

Nowadays you have to pay to have a golf bag go on an airplane and that can be $50 to $100 in extra baggage fees.

What a lot of people do is actually just put all of the golf clubs in one bag and then pack a Sunday bag inside the travel cover.

Then when they get to their location one person uses the Sunday Bag and one person uses the regular bag.

That allows two different bags and two different sets to travel, but you’re only having to pack it through the airport with one travel bag and pay one travel fee.

How many balls can golf pros carry?

There’s no limit only to how many their caddies are going to want to carry.

If you run out of golf balls while you’re on the golf course though, you can be disqualified if you’re playing in a tournament.

If you remember the movie, Tin Cup, in it he’s in a PGA tournament and continues to hit ball after ball after ball in the water and finally, his caddy says “this is your last one, you hit the water you’re going to get the disqualified” and he, of course, hits it in the hole.

Can you have two putters in your golf bag?

You can, yes.

You could have a whole bag full of them if you want.

There are no rules on having to have the same golf club and there’s no penalty on having the same golf club in your bag.

You just can have more than 14.

Can you have two drivers?

You can, yes.

You could have a whole bag full of drivers if you’re that confident.

As long as you have no more than 14 drivers you’re in the clear!

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