Winterize Your Clubs at the Haggin Oaks Club Performance and Repair Department

Winter is the time of year when it is wise to maintain your golf gear to maximize peak performance with the Winterize Your Clubs Special at Haggin Oaks.


Your golf grips are similar to the tires on your vehicle. The more you drive, the more quickly your tires wear out. Likewise, the more golf you play, the faster your grips wear. This results in club slippage in the middle of your swing. This movement of the grip in your hands will cause you to cling too firmly to the club as you attempt to control it. Usually, this is an unconscious correction as grips wear over time.  However, the resulting tension causes missed shots and loss of yardage. Clearly, tension is the last thing you need in a golf shot. Furthermore, the more tense you are, the more quickly fatigue sets in and the more poorly you will strike the ball.

How do you know if your grips need replacement?
You will know when grips are too worn as they will offer little or no resistance to your touch. Some grips that are too old will even appear shiny.

Fresh, comfortable grips are essential to take your golf game to the highest level possible. If you need assistance in choosing the right grip for your game, then the professionals at the Club Performance and Repair Department at Haggin Oaks will be more than happy to help you choose the best grip.

Winterize Your Clubs with this LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Now through February 29, 2016, the Haggin Oaks Club Performance and Repair Department is offering a Winterize Your Clubs Special.

Buy 10 grips at regular price and receive a complimentary lunch at the MacKenzie’s Sports Bar and Grille.*

We are convinced that you will not find a better offer at any golf establishment in the Sacramento region. If you do, bring in proof of the offer and Haggin Oaks will match it.

*Lunch certificate is valid for $15.00 maximum. Alcohol not included. Free lunch certificate must be present and surrendered at time of purchase. May not be combined with other %/$ off coupons or employee discounts. Offer valid January 1 – February 29, 2016 only.

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