First Time Fridays – When To Use the Putter

First Time Fridays is a new summer video series for beginners to get the inside scoop about how to look and feel like a golfer.

First Time Fridays is back and we have an exciting video this week! This is new summer series brought to you by Kathryn Newton, Golf Digest and Morton Golf. We will give you the inside scoop on how to look and feel like a golfer for all you beginners out there. Golf is an intimidating sport so we want to make it easier for you to feel comfortable from the get-go. Today, learn about When To Use the Putter

Kathryn begins this week’s tip by introducing the putter. The putter is the most used club in your bag and is also the most versatile. It can be used not only on the putting green but also areas like a flat bunker or the fringe. If you want to even use it from the fairway – go for it. Kathryn suggests not using it for a very long shot, but it is a club you can have the best contact with.

In choosing a putter, it’s all personal preference! There are mallet heads or blades. You can also choose larger grips as well. If you go to a pro shop or come in to the Haggin Oaks Super Shop you can test out many different putters. At Haggin Oaks, we even have an indoor putting green so you can practice and test new putters. Pretty awesome, right?

Just remember that your putter is your best friend and if you can start making putts, you’ll see your scores drop by a lot.

Check back next week to find out different techniques on “How to Hit The Ball”.

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