Top 10 Women’s Golf Fashion Trends For 2019!

As we are getting into the hot summer months here in Sacramento, it is time for the woman of golf to shed their winter attire and start “fashioning” (see what I did there..) their summer wardrobe. So, to help you know exactly what is in style this year, we have put together our list of the top 10 summer trends of 2019!

Mixed Media Skirts

The first thing I want to talk about today are the mixed-media skirts that you’re seeing everywhere from blue floral print to fringy fabrics that make them super cute and fun. I initially thought that ladies would be scared and resistant towards this but these are some of the best-selling prints. Another version of these are the geometric prints but you’re gonna see it with layered and mesh options by Lucky and Love, another very popular brand.

Sun Sense Tops

The next trend, and it has been a continuous one the last couple years, is the Jamie Sadock Sun Sense Tops. They come in a few silhouettes from crew-neck to v-neck and they are meant to be worn under your blouse (sleeveless or sleeved) and it protects your arms gives you 30 SPF on the course!

Transitional Clothing

Another trend that I’m seeing is the transitional outfit. This is clothing that you can wear on or off the course such as out to dinner, for a day at the mall, picking up the kids, etc…

These type of clothes are especially great with a newer brand of ours called Belle and Key that has a really great elevated style that keeps you looking incredible on and off the golf course.

Golf Dresses

A favorite trend of mine and what I’m really passionate about is the golf dress. One of my favorites is the San Soleil, it has 50 UPF and has mesh down the sleeves to keeps me cool when I’m outside in 100-degree weather here in Sacramento. It’s got a nice little subtle print and two pockets which is really important.

If long-sleeve isn’t your thing, Catherine Wade had a dress that women LOVED last spring and summer and this year they have some awesome new prints and mixed media.

Sleevless Mocks

Then we have the ladies sleeveless mocks.

These are great for keeping you cool and because of rising popularity, we have even more available for you to choose from this summer. They allow you to stay cool and look great on the course at the same time (which I know can be very difficult!).

Some of my favorites are from a smaller fun brand called Scout Sports that are just really cute and allow for different styling on the course.

Printed Golf Tops

Next, we have fun printed golf tops. These are crazy awesome and include brands like Nike with floral tops that pull out every single color you can wear to bad birdie with geometric prints that have nice pastel coloring to a pink zebra bold print polo by Beth DePass as well as big bird polos.

Overall, there is a bunch of fun stuff going on in the polo world for women to be able to express their individual style.

Head Wear

This isn’t a new trend but one that is still very important is headwear. Wallaroo is one of the best selling hat brands right now with awesome hats like “the Kristy.”

The cool thing about these hats is that they’re not specifically for golf. They’re for everything from traveling to sitting by the pool going to the California State Fair.

We have A TON of different styles and color options so you can definitely find the perfect hat for you!

Jamie Saddock Balero

This next trend is slowly gaining traction, but some woman are a bit hesitant to try is the Jami Sadock Sunsense Bolero. This style is very misunderstood in my shop as a lot of ladies are really resistant to it, but many of them, once they try it, love it!

These Bolaro’s give you all the sun protection you need without taking away the style of your blouse and it adds kind of a cool elevated style making it look like a completely different shirt that’s really lightweight and comfortable!

Ice rays

There are two last things I want to talk to you guys about.

If I’m out on the course or doing other things I’m often still not protecting the top of my hands, but now, I’ve got these new ice trays! What they do is cover up the top of your hands so that you are completely protected.

There’s a loop for the thumb and the three fingers in the middle so that you can protect your hands from wrinkles with comfort and ease.

I know a lot of ladies play with gloves and if so, you can just wear one on the hand without a glove.

Crocodile Clip

The last piece of the puzzle of my accessory game is the Crocodile Clip. These are brand new to the shop they’ve been really popular! They have a ton of different ball marker styles that can go on your hat, on your pocket or anywhere else and just like that you are ready to go out.

Overall, those are all the fashion tips that I have for you guys today. I hope you got some great inspiration for new things you could get this summer and make sure you come on back and read the next segment of Heather’s Hot List!


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