Tom Morton Video Golf Tip: Balls In Succession Drill

This one single problem is one of the most common causes of miss-hits in golf and it isn’t what you think…

When we miss-hit the ball we often think “oh I topped it,” “I got under it too much,” “I came across it” and then we try to correct that problem on the next hit.

“Ok… don’t top it this time!” we tell ourselves and although the analysis may be correct, we are coompletely missing the CAUSE of the problem…

That cause often isn’t our swing, our stance, our ball position, but instead it is out thoughts.

We are completely overthinking and getting caught up in our thoughts before we hit that ball.

With that in mind, Tom Morton, the Director Of Player Development at Haggin Oaks, decided to put together a video to help you get out of your head and allow your natural golf swing to shine through so that you can reduce mishits and start hitting those straight, long and buttery soft shots that keep us coming back to the course every week!

Watch this video to learn exactly how to do just that with the ball succession drill!

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