Tips from PGA Instructor, Randy Smith

Frank LaRosa with Golf to Go on ESPN 1320 interviews PGA instructor, Randy Smith during the Northern California PGA Teaching Summit. Randy is the all-time leading PGA of America National Award winner with 18 National awards and was inducted into the PGA of America’s Hall of Fame in 2005. The Randy Smith Teaching Center is located at Royal Oaks Country Club in Dallas, TX.

According to Randy, teaching isn’t about developing the best players in the world. It is about developing relationships with your students and making it more fun for students to hit a different shot than they have been capable of hitting in the past. If you can do that, then they don’t all need to become scratch golfers.

Randy counts Harvey Penick and Byron Nelson among his mentors. Watch the video. Whether you are a student or teaching instructor, you’ll learn valuable tips to make your next lesson work smarter and more efficiently for your game – and isn’t that what is most important for all of us?

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