THINQ Golf: A Mental Game Website Utilizing Video Games To Improve Performance

thinqTHINQ Golf: Neuroscientists, Sports Psychologists And Golf Professionals Collaborate To Build A Mental Game Website Utilizing Video Games And Other Educational Features To Improve Performance

Are reading books, listening to audio CD’s, or working with sports psychologist the only ways to work on a golfer’s mental game? Not according to THINQ Sports. Golf Professionals, Sports Psychologists, and Neuroscientists have teamed up to build a cognitive training tool for golfers to improve their mental game from the convenience of their computer or tablet device.

THINQ Golf aims to improve the mental game by playing video games for as little as 15 minutes a day, a few times a week. Think of it as a gym for your brain and approach the training with the same importance and consistency you would with other practice methods, such as fitness or going to the driving range.

Who is behind THINQ Golf? THINQ Golf was founded by PGA Golf Professional, Tim Suzor, and Scientist, Dr. Debbie Crews. Tim coaches players at every level including PGA and LPGA Tour and has studied the brain extensively in recent years under Neuroscientist and THINQ Team Member, Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Crews’ resume is extensive including being a Golf Digest Top 50 LPGA Instructor, the Chair of the World Scientific Congress of Golf (WSCG), published in Golf Digest, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, as well as the “Best in Science in Golf” Award from Golf Magazine for her research on “The Yips.” Dr. Crews is also a professor at Arizona State University and has served as the sports psychologist for the golf teams at ASU for over two decades.

How to THINQ Golf games work? Through Dr. Crews’ research over the years using EEG’s and studying the brain, she has concluded that there are five essential skills necessary for optimum performance on the golf course – awareness, attention, synchronicity, intention, and adaptability.

The THINQ GOLF experience takes place at the Q Club, a members-only club dedicated to improving the mental game. At the Q-Club, members each have their own personal locker where they can track mental game performance through the Q-Stats, watch recorded webinars, take notes in the their journal, create a personalized vision board, and even ask the THINQ Team questions.

Don’t let your mind be the weakest club in the bag.

Game Your Brain.

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