The Titleist Approach to Golf Ball Fitting

Brent_TitleistAt the 2015 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo, Brent Chapman, member of the Titleist Mobile Fitting Team, led several seminars on the ESPN 1320 Golf to Go Game Improvement Stage to teach audience members on the importance of being fit to a golf ball that will improve performance on scoring shots in and around the green. This is the key to shooting lower scores.

Brent informed the crowd that people choose their golf ball based on performance objectives and on things like personal feel and price point. Titleist utilizes their “Green-to-Tee” philosophy when conducting golf ball fitting sessions. This has proven successful in fitting players of all abilities.

All Titleist golf balls are designed to be exceptionally long off the tee and there is only 4-6 yards difference among all the Titleist golf ball models. Therefore, Titleist recommends fitting golfers on the green and working back to the tee. When choosing a golf ball, start around the greens and use your putter to ensure that you like the feel of the golf ball you are using. Take different golf balls to the putting green to evaluate your short game and see which ball works best for you. Choose a ball that is easy to control when you then practice your chipping and pitching shots around the green. Note each ball’s control, trajectory and spin on these shots. This is very important when choosing a golf ball.

Move on to the irons, starting with the wedges and short iron shots. Then, hit your longer irons. You don’t want your golf ball to back up. You want it to stick on the green with your short irons. If the ball rolls onto the green and then keeps rolling, then it does not have enough spin to stop.

Finally, hit the driver to see which ball you like best from the tee. Consistency and control are key.

Want to know which ball is best for you?

The Pro V1 and Pro V1x are Titleist’s bestselling golf balls. These balls both offer the best spin and control around the greens with chip and pitch shots. They have a softer cover than other Titleist models and both balls go long off the tee. They offer more performance around the greens and feature a multi-piece construction.

What is the difference between the Pro V1 and Pro V1x? The Titleist Pro V1 offers more short game spin and feels a little softer, while the Pro V1x spins a little less and offers a higher launch angle.
Brent answered a question in the audience about ladies golf balls. Titleist does not make women, senior or junior golf balls. All of Titleist’s balls go long regardless of swing speed and their golf balls are geared to go far for all types of players. Also, Brent explained to the crowd that most players have about the same swing speed when hitting shots from ~50 yards and in.

Most players are familiar with the amazing performance of Titleist’s best-selling golf balls – the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. How do the other balls in Titleist’s arsenal stack up?

The Titleist NXT Tour is a long ball with a soft surlyn cover that does give up a little spin around the green. If you tend to launch your wedges high, then this might be a good ball choice for your game.

The Titleist NXT Tour S offers a softer feel than the NXT Tour. This golf ball is also available in a high optic yellow, which has been proven easier to see on the course.

The Velocity ball by Titleist has the lowest spin of any of the Titleist golf balls. It features a firm cover and may be a bit more difficult to control. It is the ideal ball for the player looking to maximize their distance.

Finally, the DT Solo has been in the Titleist arsenal since 1974. This is a great overall ball that is both long and has good spin. If you are looking for a good, all-around ball at a great value, then check out the DT Solo.

Now that you know the tips and trips from Titleist for fitting yourself in the best golf ball for your game, what ball are you using and how do you like it?

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