The Importance of Golf Club Fitting

Our own Tom Morton, Director of Player Performance at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex, recently talked with Grant Napear on Sports 1140 KHTK on the importance of club fitting and using the right golf equipment when you tee off.  Click HERE to listen to the broadcast.

What  is the Player Performance Studio?
The Player Performance Studio is a three-bay indoor studio with sixteen-foot high doors that open onto the Haggin Oaks’ range, voted one of Golf Range Magazine’s Top 100 Driving Ranges.  Our highly trained Morton Golf Professionals and Clubfitters have the absolute latest and finest technology available.  Morton Golf has acquired the same technology that major golf manufacturers use to fit the world’s greatest players in their test centers around the world, including a TrackMan Launch Monitor, two Vector Pro Launch Monitors, a S.A.M. PuttLab Computer Fitting System, two Mitchell Loft & Lie machines and an A-Star Video Monitoring System with four cameras.  The major manufacturers have also provided hundreds of test clubs to Morton Golf which will fit nearly every conceivable kind of golfer.

Even with all the latest technology, ball flight is still at the heart and soul of Golf Equipment Fitting.  Because golfers in the Studio can hit balls indoors to target greens outdoors, they will see and feel how the ball reacts just as if they were on the golf course.  The reason leading manufacturers have designed and built their own test centers is because they know from years of experience that ball flight and feel are the confidence builders to making good golfers better golfers.

Morton Golf’s “indoor-outdoor” Player Performance Studio at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex has combined the advantages of ball flight with exclusive computerized technology, and the premier industry-trained and certified fitter/coaches in golf with the largest selection of brand name golf club manufacturers anywhere.

“For the first time in golf, the new Morton Golf Player Performance Studio and Test Center will deliver the same experience to everyday golfers that major manufacturers have been providing to the best players in the world,” explained Ken Morton, Sr., CEO of Morton Golf.  “Without question, Morton Golf is on the leading edge of the next generation of specialized golf equipment fitting.  We’re very excited to be bringing this experience to Sacramento ahead of other parts of the country.”

In addition to fitting drivers, fairway woods, utility clubs, irons, wedges and putters inside the Players Performance Studio, Morton Golf instructors will also be fitting golf balls.  A huge selection of golf balls from all of the major manufacturers will be on-hand so that the fitting results are actualized with the customer’s ball of choice.  It will also allow the instructor and customer to realize which ball is the best for them based on visual ball flight and computer results.

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