The Best Ways To Save Money As A Golfer

Deserved or not, golf has a public perception of being an exceptionally expensive sport.

Golf companies certainly have options that will empty your wallet and make you refinance your house.

However, many golfers have found ways to lower scores and lower expenses. So for all you penny pinching, store-brand cereal buying, extreme couponing, COSTCO hot dog eating people like myself out there, this one is for you!

Golf Clubs

Friends and Family:

My first suggestion for clubs is to hit up some friends and family. I think in nearly every garage across America, there’s an old bag of clubs collecting dust. If you’re really looking for the cheapest option, I’m sure many people would part ways with their clubs for a case or two of beer. It’s worth a try at least! 

Garage Sales:

If that doesn’t work, or you’re like me and have no friends, (I am currently accepting friendship resumes in the comment section below) then my next suggestion would be to search at garage sales. Whether it’s the Fitzgerald’s in the cul-de-sac over or a garage sale put on by your local course, these sales are excellent places to grab some used clubs on a budget.


Similar to garage sales, eBay is another excellent place to check. It’s possible to find excellent deals on gently used equipment there. The only downside is that you’ll often be bidding against other people nationwide, which makes the “deal of a lifetime” a little harder to find. 

Demo Clubs:

Ask about buying Demo clubs. Most golf shops have demo clubs on display. These clubs are usually far from new by the end of their display life. Therefore, often after a new product release, these demo clubs are marked down and sold. 

Purchase Previous Models:

Piggybacking off the previous suggestion, you can save a lot of money by buying last year’s products. Not every golf company releases new equipment yearly. However, for those that do, a new release usually coincides with the previous model being marked down. 

You can save a lot of money by simply buying a year behind the newest and greatest equipment. 

Box Sets:

If your heart is set on brand new, current model clubs then check out some box sets. Box sets used to have a stigma of being poorly built and poorly performing. That has changed immensely in recent years. A beginner golfer looking to start can get a complete set of brand new clubs for less than the price of a new driver. 

Shop Mid Tier:

We all want the most expensive driver the store sells. Admittedly, much of that is just to be able to show off the coolest piece of equipment the next time we golf with our buddies. It is important to take a look at that middle tier equipment as well. Most golf brands nowadays sell clubs at different price points. For many golfers, the middle or low price point may actually be a better fit anyway. 

Golf Balls 

My main suggestion for golf balls is to go buy various sleeves of budget brands. Titleist Pro V1’s are cool. However, not every golfer is going to see the benefit of those multi-layer balls. In many cases, simpler distance or soft balls are better for golfers anyway. Go ahead and pick up a variety and see what works best in your price range. 

Tee Times

We have actually already addressed this direct issue HERE if you’re interested.

Golf Attire:

Modern Golf attire is specially formulated and designed to help with the athletic motion of golfing. It does provide immense benefits in certain situations. However, it is important to remember as well that you can upgrade your golf clothes later. Do not let the cost of a new wardrobe prohibit you from getting out on the course. Meet the minimum clothing rules and enjoy yourself. Most people have a golfing capable outfit in their closet right now. Then later down the line, you can consider shopping seasonal sales, secondhand, etc to fill out your choices. 

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