Can Golf Help You Lose Weight?

Golf is considered by many to be a leisurely activity. It often appears to be an easy stroll on a relaxing morning. However, contrary to this prevalent perception, the sport has HUGE health benefits.  The health benefits of golf vary depending on how you play. Riding in a cart will obviously burn fewer calories than… Continue reading →

10 Reasons Why You Can Enjoy Golf During a Pandemic

Golf is considered “moderately low” risk by health officials with a risk level of 3 out of 10 which puts it on the same level of grocery shopping and going for a walk, run or bike ride with others. The only physical activities that are considered safer are playing tennis or going camping. In the… Continue reading →

Golf Spectating Benefits Health, New Study Shows

Fans Averaged Nearly 12,000 Steps per Day, With 82.9% Achieving Their Recommended Daily Step-Count. First Study to Assess Spectator Physical Activity While Watching Golf The University of Edinburgh in conjunction with the Golf & Health Project released new research about the health benefits of golf spectating, showing those who attend golf events could potentially gain… Continue reading →