Staff Profile : Meet Mayela Diaz Human Resources Assistant

Please meet Mayela “May” Diaz our Human Resources Assistant who has been with Morton Golf for the past four months. She is normally the first person you meet in Human Resources as she will guide our new employees on their Morton Golf journey.

Mayelz Diaz at her desk

Before coming to Morton Golf May was a Recruiter for a Health Company in Sacramento.

When I asked May if she was a golfer she answered very enthusiastically, “Not yet.” She hopes to learn soon. When you spend time around the golf course every day it’s very addictive to want to be a golfer like everyone else.

The greatest highlight so far in May’s life was at the age of 16 when her and her dad moved to the United States from Mexico City. She is very fluent in the language. May has many relatives still living in Mexico City.

When she is not at Haggin Oaks she enjoys being with friends. She is a talented Ukulele player that entertains her friends by playing her Ukulele as her friends sing along.

Anytime you have a Human Resource question never hesitate to contact the friendly staff in the Administration office next to the white Pavilion Tent.

The entire Human Resource staff is eager to help.

Continued good luck to May as she enjoys a long career ahead at Morton Golf.

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