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Joyce Berg got a Hole-in-One on hole #6 on the MacKenzie Golf Course on July 17, 2019. According to Joyce, “we never saw it go in the hole but a Marshall was waiting to give us water and he saw it go in and casually yelled “nice shot, in the hole” but we all thought he was just kidding till we got up to the green and found it had gone in!”

Congratulations to Joyce Berg who is also reporting on a SECOND Hole-in-One that she got in just over a month! (I was going to say that is pretty lucky – but I think it shows Joyce’s level of skill more than anything else!) Her latest Hole-in-One took place on the MacKenzie Golf Course at Haggin Oaks on Hole #16 on August 21, 2019. Congratulations! Now she is just waiting for her next one! And from her recent track record, she should expect it any day now!

Oksun Parrott got her first Hole-in-One on hole #8, a par 3 measuring 126 yards, at Paradise Valley. She used her hybrid off the tee and was searching everywhere for her ball! No matter how hard she and her threesome looked, they couldn’t find it anywhere… until they looked in the hole and there it was! Oksun’s first Hole-in-One!

Ruth Ahrens celebrates her hole-in-one at Wild Wings
Ruth Ahrens celebrates her hole-in-one at Wild Wings

Ruth Ahrens got her hole-in-one at Wild Wings on their 115-yard par 3 hole #16. She was playing the forward tee. The ball flew through the air and landed a couple of yards in front of the hole and just rolled in. Sounds like perfect aim if you ask us! Congratulations Ruth!

Albert Petteruti brings us his tale of back to back hole-in-ones that he got in 2013. How many of us have ever been this lucky?

In July 2013, Albert was playing golf with his wife and another couple at a golf course in Rio Vista. When they got to the 13th hole, he put it right into the hole and the entire foursome screamed in excitement. Little did they know there was a crowd at the bar waiting for their arrival. Mr. Petteruti’s wife bought him a very expensive McCallam Scotch for $12. Albert assumed the bar was going to buy the drink, but no. And unfortunately, his wife didn’t know they were expected to buy drinks for the entire bar. “Cost my wife $232.00 more on the bar tab.”

The following day, Albert went to the Chardonnay Golf Course with some old pals before he moved and he told them about the bar tab. “The only thing I got for a prize was the flag signed by the manager and my foursome.” As Albert and his buddies approached the first par 3 on Chardonnay, they all yelled, “Okay, let’s see you do it again, Hot Shot.”

Albert tee’d it up and hit it on the green and it rolled fifteen feet… right into the cup!!!

“They yelled like crazy to every golfer behind us and in front!! It cost me $340.00 at the bar and two friends didn’t drink.”

I know many of us wait a lifetime to achieve even a single hole-in-one, so congratulations to Albert for achieving two in as many days… even if it did cost a pretty penny at the 19th hole!


Casey Leebrick led Sacramento State in his first career round as a Hornet, shooting 72 in the first round of the Golfweek Conference Challenge on Sunday at Cedar Rapids Country Club.”

High School Golf News
San Ramon All-Stars
San Ramon All-Stars

San Ramon All-Stars Win PGA Jr. League Section at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex and Advance to Regionals

SportStars reports that The San Ramon All-Stars (a co-ed team of junior golfers, ages 13 and under) won the Nor Cal PGA Jr. League Section Championship. The event was presented by National Car Rental Aug. 17-18 at Haggin Oaks to advance to the Regional. Read the full article at:

Article originally published in SportStars Magazine and shared with permission.

Christian Brothers High School (CBHS) Girls Falcons Recap

Capping off a great week the Falcons took on the Cougars of Del Campo late last week. CBHS very sporty 188 defeated the Cougars 303 at Haggin Oaks. All scores were 40 or better with the highlight being Bella Esquivel’s first ever under par round of 35! This was another short course victory where the short game and shot quality is demanded.

Annabelle Horan leads the Falcons to a strong 2nd place finish.  Annabelle broke 80 for the first time in a match firing a cool 78.  Alison Oliviera also was hot with a very nifty 80 to pace the Falcons.  The Falcons solidify there place in league with this result.  CB closed the gap on Vista and are just steps ahead of Rio.  Three excellent teams playing very good golf.  The Falcons expect a tough match on Thursday at Anicl Hoffman GC vs. Rio.  The Raiders want a shot at the Falcons at their home course.  Both teams play close matches, there is no reason not to expect the same later this week.

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Jim Furyk is one of the most notable golfers in recent decades. He is known as #58, as he scored a round of 58, the lowest round of golf in history. Additionally, he was the winning Captain for the American Ryder Cup team in 2018, a stunning comeback victory engineered by him. Now, at the age of forty-nine, he is in the twilight of a long and successful career.

The Story of Andrew, written in 2007, was considered for publication in the 2008 NCGA magazine. For ten years Tom Markle served on the AT&T Pebble Beach security team. His job was to protect the professional golfers they were assigned. In 2007, Markle was assigned to Jim Furyk and walked eighteen holes with him while witnessing the unfolding of, The Story of Andrew.


The first thing I noticed was Andrew’s fire engine red rain boots. He was quite noticeable walking alongside the ropes on the second fairway of the Poppy Hills Golf Course. He was cute with curly brown hair, wearing blue jeans, a rain slicker and shiny red boots. Andrew might have been six years old. He and his father were following Jim Furyk, the number two golfer in the world, during his qualifying round at Poppy Hills Golf Course. Furyk, at 6’2” was an imposing figure for Andrew, whose neck craned back to look up at him.

I was assigned to Furyk as his security escort and my attention was always towards the ropes, looking for unusual actions from fans. Being his escort, I was never more than twenty feet away from him in between golf shots. After walking several more holes I couldn’t help but notice Andrew walking along with our group. At every turn, there was Andrew, gazing up at Furyk following his every move.

Even Jim noticed Andrew and his red boots, the cute face, and the star-struck open mouth gaze. In one of our slow moments, Furyk walked over to the ropes and struck up a brief conversation with Andrew and his father. He handed Andrew a ball, smiled, and walked away. Andrew held onto the ball with both hands, stared up at his Dad and smiled. What a prize he had.

Several holes later there was another slow-down on the course. Andrew was still there, staring at his idol. Again, Furyk walked to the ropes, said his hellos, then took the ball he had given Andrew, and signed it. Andrew, holding the ball with both hands while looking up at Furyk, his little neck and body craning upward smiled while his father thanked Furyk.

Nearing the end of the round we again slowed down. Furyk took a seat on an old log and waited. It happened that the tee box was on an upslope and most spectators waited at the bottom. But not Andrew, he faithfully climbed to the top and stood within six feet of his favorite golfer. Furyk was busy focusing on his next shot when he looked over and saw Andrew with his now trademark red boots. This is where the heart of Jim Furyk emerged as he smiled and told Andrew to come inside the ropes and talk to him. After a few minutes of animated chatter, Furyk took Andrew’s AT&T ticket and signed it, tousled Andrew’s hair, then asked me to guide Andrew to the other side of the ropes. The only thing Furyk, his caddie and I noticed were those red boots skipping down the slope back to his father smiling and gazing back in awe at his hero.

When the round concluded, Furyk went to the scoring trailer to enter his score and then out to the media for the usual interviews. With the interviews finished, he went to the spectator ropes to sign autographs for admiring fans. First in line, though being squashed by the crowd stood Andrew. At first, Furyk didn’t see Andrew. After several shouts by Andrew, who was looking up at Jim with his hands outstretched, Furyk smiled and said, “Andrew, you’re still here!” With all the affection in the world, Furyk reached into his back pocket, pulled out the golf glove he used that day, and signed it for Andrew. Clutching the glove to his chest Andrew reached into his pocket, pulled out some candy and said, “Here is your reward for golfing so well today.” I think I saw some tears in Furyk’s eyes at that moment, he then smiled, laughed and said, “No Andrew, you keep that for yourself.”

As Furyk continued to sign autographs, Andrew’s father led him away from the crowd. A few minutes later when autographs were concluded, I escorted Furyk to his vehicle and then noticed Andrew in his red boots standing on a knoll just high enough to see Furyk. He had the signed ball in his pocket, his signed AT&T ticket hanging around his neck and Furyk’s signed glove on his hand as he stood in absolute awe of the number two golfer in the world.

This is the heart of a PGA professional golfer that is rarely seen, noticed, or written about. Mr. Furyk is the consummate professional in my book. He is a man with enough heart to make a young boys dream come true.

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Tournament Results
Tournament Results
Austin Lundquist - 2019 Empire Ranch Men's Golf Club Champion
Austin Lundquist – 2019 Empire Ranch Men’s Golf Club Champion

Austin Lundquist won the 2019 Empire Ranch Men’s Golf Club Championship at Empire Ranch in Folsom, CA on August 11, 2019.

Shoot Out Results for The Player$ Golf Tour
“The Littlest Big Money Tour”
Plus FREE Entry to LPGA, PGA or Senior PGA Q-School ***
(775) 852-(GOLF) 4653

Course City, State Date
Monarch Bay Golf Club San Leandro, CA 9/15/19

Score Name City, State $ paid

Division I
70 Zack Sims Napa, CA $ 1,742
71 John McCord Oakland, CA 700
73 Don Leafstrand* New Smyra Beach, FL 350
*Winner of Scorecard Playoff

Division II
73 JW Means III Reno, NV $ 1,720
79 Pradip Singh Turlock, CA 680
79 Paul McGurk Reno, NV 554

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