PING Power Fitter Award Goes To Haggin Oaks

Haggin Oaks is proud to receive the 2022 PING Power Fitter Award for our Players Performance Studio.

Haggin Oaks is proud to receive the 2022 PING Power Fitter Award for our Player Performance Studio.

The Haggin Oaks Player Performance Studio

Our Player Performance Studio is a three-bay indoor studio with sixteen-foot high doors that open onto the Haggin Oaks’ range, voted one of Golf Range Magazine‘s Top 100 Driving Ranges. Sixteen highly trained Morton Golf Professionals and Clubfitters will have the absolute latest and finest technology available. Morton Golf has acquired the same technology that major golf manufacturers use to fit the world’s greatest players in their test centers around the world, including a TrackMan Launch Monitor, a S.A.M. PuttLab Computer Fitting System, and two Mitchell Loft & Lie machines. The major manufacturers have also provided hundreds of test clubs to Morton Golf which will fit nearly every conceivable kind of golfer.

To schedule a fitting at the Haggin Oaks Player Performance Studio, recipient of the PING Power Fitter award, click here or call 916-808-2531.

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Learn More About The PING Power Fitter Award 2022

PHOENIX – To recognize custom fitters who distinguish themselves by elevating the custom-fitting experience and demonstrating how properly fit clubs translate to better and measurable results on the course, PING today announced its PING Power Fitter Award winners for 2022.

Formerly known as the Top 100 Fitters of the Year, PING evolved the honor in 2022 to bring even more recognition to its growing list of fitting experts who consistently deliver the best fitting experience in the industry.

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“When we say ‘Power Fitters’ we mean the best of the best. The ones who deliver an enjoyable fitting experience that ensures golfers are benefitting from every bit of the score-lowering technology we engineer into all PING equipment,” said John K. Solheim, PING CEO & President. “They come to work every day with the goal of helping golfers play better and enjoy the game more. They are highly trained in our fitting philosophies and techniques while being equipped with the fitting tools and technologies that today’s golfer expects from a fitting session. Their fitting expertise and dedication set them apart.

This year’s list includes 277 winners

They include a mix of accomplished on- and off-course facilities that deliver the game-changing expertise that PING Founder Karsten Solheim envisioned when he pioneered custom fitting more than 50 years ago.

“We may only recognize them once a year, but these honorees are the leaders in their field who deserve to be singled out and recognized for the important role they play in elevating the fitting experience every day,” Solheim said.

All the winners fit every club in the bag and participate in on-going fitting certification through PING Academy (the company’s on-line education platform) and other hands-on training opportunities. They are also experts in PING’s product technology and custom club-building processes. As importantly, they understand a custom fitting is just the beginning of a relationship with golfers.

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What Power Fitters Know….

“Custom fitting is more than just recommending specs,” Solheim said. “Our Power Fitters know it’s an opportunity to develop a longtime, loyal customer who puts their trust in their ability to help them get better. With game-tracking technologies like Arccos, the access to data has never been easier or more affordable, allowing fitters to help golfers fine-tune specs and solve other issues, like gapping, based on their on-course performance.”

These fitting experts are also well positioned to benefit from the tremendous popularity the game is currently enjoying, Solheim believes. “With that renewed interest comes the opportunity to bring more awareness to custom fitting. Whether it’s golfers coming back to the game or those new to it, it’s extremely important that they understand the role that custom fitting plays in helping them improve, regardless of ability.”

Remember to schedule a fitting at the Haggin Oaks Player Performance Studio; recipient of the PING Power Fitter award. Click here or call 916-808-2531.

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