Morton Golf Foundation President Tom Morton and Team Win the 2021 Villara Capital Cup

This is the 2nd year in a row that Tom Morton, President of Morton Golf Foundation had agreed to represent Morton Golf Foundation by playing in the 7th Annual Villara Capital Cup fundraiser.

This event, held September 24-26, had a total of 32 business people playing a Ryder Cup format over a 3 day period. These matches were played:

  • Friday / Winchester Country Club,
  • Saturday / El Macero Country Club
  • Sunday / North Ridge Country Club.

There are 2 teams that had 16 golfers per team. Those teams are River City Union and Sactown Rebels. Each golfer enters into the event with a $2,500.00 entry fee, then they choose their charity of choice and agree to raise the money to give back to our community.

Tom Morton chose Morton Golf Foundation and set his goal at $50,000.00 last July. 

This is the second year COVID-19 is still lingering but in Tom’s mind, it was full steam ahead to raise as much as possible for our charity.  For every $5,000.00 (up to $20,000.00) the golfer raises before the matches begin, (up to four mulligans) may be used during the first two matches. 

Also, if after the three days are complete and you are on the winning team, you get to take home a percentage of the $100,000.00 purse money put up by sponsors.

When Tom started his match on Friday he had met his $50,000.00 fundraising goal with a total of $50,003.00!

When Tom finished his match on Sunday he had added an additional $3,544.00 by being a member of the winning team.

The total charity dollar amount Tom brought back to Morton Golf Foundation totaled $53,547.00.  These dollars will be used to give back to our local youth, disabled and underserved.

We are so proud of Tom Morton for not only representing Morton Golf Foundation as the leader and President he is but stepping up to the plate to be a TEAM CAPTAIN next year at this event as he commits once again to raise the fundraising bar for another year.

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