Masters Week is Here – Have You Heard the Mike Stone Tribute?

Mike Stone’s One Week in April will bring a smile to your face… 

The real question we want answered… Is this for real?

Masters Week marks the start of golf for many of us located throughout the country. If you are a self-proclaimed golf “junkie”, then perhaps you have run across this commercial gem that has been playing in heavy rotation on the Golf Channel this week.

Mike Stone has been premiering his CD which includes “One Week in April” on the Golf Channel. I can understand why – he obviously loves the Masters. (And we really can’t blame him for that!)

What do you think of the song? We would love to hear your comments on both the tournament this weekend or Mike’s song. If nothing else, it should bring a smile to your face. There are quite a few other songs available for your listening pleasure on this album, including “Hey Little Person” and “Evil Boy” – man, I wish I could hear those two songs! I have included the commercial for your enjoyment below.

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