King F6 from Cobra Puma Golf Available for Pre-Order, today!

The King F6 line of clubs, the new Reign of Power has arrived from Cobra Golf! Available for pre-order today at

COBRA_KING_F6_DRIVER-2TCobra KING F6 Driver ($349)

A 10g flip weight in the sole of the new F6 driver allows for customized CG location and performance; the front position promotes a lower trajectory, less spin, and more roll out while the rear position yields a higher trajectory, longer carry, and increased forgiveness on off center hits.

COBRA_F6_IRONS-st-2TCobra King F6 Irons ($799 steel; $899 graphite)

The new King F6 irons are built with a progressive design aimed at optimizing each segment of the set; the long irons (3-5) feature a full hollow cavity design for maximum distance and forgiveness, the mid irons (6-7) feature a half hollow construction for a combination of distance and control, and the short irons (8-PW) are built with a cavity back design for spin and control. The shorter wedges in the set are traditional and are optimized for versatility and maximum spin.

COBRA_KING_F6_FWY-2TKING F6 fairway woods ($239) feature similar adjustable weighting technology as the driver through the use of 20g and 3g weights that can be manipulated to locate the CG in the front or rear of the clubhead.

COBRA_KING_F6_HYB-2TKING F6 hybrids ($199) will also be available but feature a fixed 13g weight in the rear of the clubhead to improve forgiveness and launch conditions. Both the fairway wood and hybrids feature thin clubfaces and Cobra’s “speed channel,” technology that produces enhanced ballspeed and distance.

A full line of women’s KING F6 metalwoods will also be available including driver ($349), fairways ($239) and hybrids ($199).

The new line of Cobra King F6 is available for pre-order CLICK HERE.

The entire line of King F6 product will be available at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop on January 15, 2016. Stop in and see what the new reign of power can do for your golf game!

The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, CA.

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