Karen Garcia’s Path to a Championship with Performance Physical Therapy

“8 days, 103 miles, 217,000 steps and 212 flights of stairs, 10 rounds of golf. I know I did not have the stamina and strength to complete that without Mark’s help.” Says Karen Garcia, 2015 USGA Senior Woman’s Amateur winner.

Trophy with Karen and MarkAt the beginning of 2013 Karen decided she needed something realistic to help her win more. As a busy high school guidance counselor, she knew more practice wasn’t the answer, she crossed a few other options off of her list, but the one she felt compelled to try was a meeting with TPI certified instructor Dr. Mark McCoy, Pt, DPT. The TPI evaluation broke down Karen’s golf swing into very specific areas, and it exposed her potential weakness.

Mark found that while Karen was a natural athlete, her balance and gluteal tests were poor, though she didn’t know it at the time. “Good athletes can make up for deficits. Once I know the specific weaknesses, I can develop a program specifically for that person, and that’s where I started with Karen.” McCoy stated. He gave specific exercises, and they met periodically to review, adjust and add to the program. “Because I’m able to bring the medical and rehab side to the training, I just kept pushing her to her full potential” said McCoy.

Karen was able to lose 60 pounds by the summer of 2014. Her past 4 knee surgeries were not holding her back from playing her absolute best because she was able to communicate with Mark at her visits and by email to ask about specific exercises. The increased work outs resulted in more strength and more stamina. Her swing speed increased significantly enough that Karen had to have her clubs re-shafted. “I was hitting it higher and longer with more spin” Karen said enthusiastically! “I couldn’t have done it without Mark.”

Chip Kelly once said, “Everybody has the same amount of time during the day. You can either spend your time, or invest your time.” This is the quote that helped Karen through the grind of work, life and through her competition. She chose to invest her time, and is now the 2015 USGA Senior Woman’s Amateur Champion. Karen’s goal this year is to win more. Mark’s response: OK, let’s go!
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Dr. Mark McCoy is owner and practicing physical therapist at Performance Physical Therapy with four locations in the Sacramento Region including East Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom and Rancho Cordova. In addition to Performance Golf, Performance Physical Therapy offers physical therapy, aquatic therapy and hand therapy. Performance Physical Therapy, “Where Compassionate Care and Effective Results Meet”


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